Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Damn, for once I have to agree with the Greens

It doesn't happen very often, but today is one of those days. Everyone's favourite political dope-smoker has come out with a press release regarding the use of open source software (OSS) within government.

Whilst some may regard OSS as anti-capitalistic, smacking of communism, or even a cancer, there are very real benefits to be had from utilising OSS. For the taxpayer, there are plenty of positives to be had in the adoption of OSS by government agencies. Some of these include: -
  • Less expenditure on software, more on providing services to the taxpayer.
  • Less money syphoned off to Redmond, Washington, USA.
  • Potential for creating more local New Zealand jobs in the IT sector to develop and support OSS
  • Potential for multiple government agencies to work together collaboratively on software projects.
This could well just be posturing on behalf of the DHB's to obtain greater discounts from Microsoft as the governments G2006 licence is currently being negotiated.

A long term shift that has government agencies moving to open source solutions will have major benefits for the taxpayer and the New Zealand IT industry.

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A very Sage comment.

Hey, wait a minute??

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