Friday, April 22, 2005

Is Nandor smoking his way out of parliament?

Our political dope-smoker appears to have been dropped further down the Green party list. Poor Nandor. I wonder why that would be.

"Clearly the members have been very impressed with the performance of both Keith and Metiria over the last three years, and Nandor's dropped down as a result of that." - Rod Donald, Green MP.

I wonder if the Green stuff has impaired Nandor's performance to his detriment? It was interesting to see him on Cambell last night debating the issues around drug-testing in the workforce. I agree with Nandor that what you do in your own home is your own right - as long as it doesn't impact anyone else. But with the ability for THC to remain in a heavy smokers system for up to 3-4 weeks this has to raise questions about the actions of dope-smokers in the workplace. It's like an airline pilot. Its fine for them to enjoy alcohol, but they can't be under the influence at work - even if they did the drinking under their own time. If the actions you take in your own home have the potential to impact your public or work performance, you have to be expected to take tests. Especially the case where your workmates or customers lives are at risk.

So until Nandor gets some of these issues clearer in his mind, I for one am happy to see him languish down the Green list.


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