Friday, April 22, 2005

Microsoft and Government Collusion

Bloody hell. I find out in the paper today that the Government is actively supporting a known monopolist to develop and strengthen their own business! Oh hang on, that wouldn't be the first time.

I am very supportive of using technology centres, even funded by the government to take technology out to people that can benefit from it. However, this does not include preferentially supporting one company to the exclusion of others.

I would be very suprised if Microsoft, when learning from clients of the innovation centre chooses to patent some of what it has learnt. Most of these patents will then be used to strengthen their position over their competitors.

A centre such as this must provide vendor-neutral solutions. Where is IBM, Novell, Oracle and the Open Source crowd? And what about supporting New Zealand developers of technology - surely it would do more good to have New Zealanders develop the technology and build Intellectual Property rights around it? No point giving work and IP to an American company.


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