Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Tax is the best form of Defence

Well, a little more digging into the Government financials show how much Labour loves its taxes. There is little I can say - I'd rather let the pictures do the speaking.

Total Government Revenue

Tax Revenue

Indirect Taxation Revenue

Figures were sourced from Financial Statements of the Government of
New Zealand
at the Treasury.

I'll be updating this post soon with details of where the money has been going. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a graph showing how Labour has reigned in the good work that National was making in paying off the National Debt.

Total Government Borrowing


Have grabbed some of the key expense areas that people are likely to be interested in. There isn't too much news here - unless you consider that whilst Labour has been growing the expenses at a similar rate to National-led governments we have seen noticeable levels of service delivery decline. Law and Order - look at the Police issues that seem to bring a new issue to life every couple of weeks.

The increase in Heritage, Culture and Recreation is interesting - consider that the approximate $300 million extra that Labour has placed is the equivalent of a 1% drop in income tax for the the lower middle rate (21% down to 20%) accordings to the Treasury Ready Reckoner.




Law and Order

Transport and Communications

Heritage, Culture and Recreation

I think if Labour get in for a third term, I'll be happy that I've got some shares in Johnston & Johnston. One of their products will come in very handy relieving the pain from the continuous shafting we receive.


Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...


So Government debt isn't being paid down, taxe income is skyrocketing, the public health service is still a shocker, the Police have turned into a shocker, we no longer have an Air Force, the Immigration Service doesn't do its job properly, and Maharey turned our tertiary education industry into a massive rort scheme for polytechs and wananga. Oh yes - they've stuffed up our High School qualification system as well.

Aside from their many individual ethical transgressions, thats about all I can think this Government has done wrong.

5/31/2005 11:01:00 PM  

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