Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Brief Sidestep

Time for me to take a quick sidestep and cover off an issue I've been wanting to raise for a while - the exploding ticket prices of premium games. My current target is the New Zealand Rugby Football Union.

What has pissed me off are the completely unreasonable prices that are being asked for tickets for certain rugby games such as the Lions tour, as well as circulated prices if we were actually able to host the World Cup in a few years time - $735 dollars for the cheapest final ticket! I was kindly offered to purchase my seats before they were placed in the pool. However, the asking price was almost the same as what a whole seasons-worth of rugby - watching my teams play through the Super 12 and NPC. Hmmm, pay to watch one game - which has cost as much as the 10 or more games I've got already. No thanks.

But what riled me more, was when the union came out and said we don't want to see all these red jerseys in our stadia, we want them blacked out. Well Steve (Tew), if you want them blacked out, you should price them reasonably. I realise that this is mostly because our major test stadia are too small and can't accommodate the larger numbers required to keep test tickets reasonable. In the case of the $735 tickets mentioned above - it is our small stadia that have directly caused the high price, a combination of constrained supply and revenue demands by the IRB.

I am openly hoping and praying that there are red jerseys sitting in the test seats that I was offered - I hope they are all over our stadiums to highlight the exploitative pricing of the NZRFU and the fact that fewer and fewer Kiwis are able to go to the game. I hope that many more kiwis decided to do something better with their money and let the Poms bankroll the NZRFU. I can have a great night on the town, watch the rugby on a huge screen, with a great atmosphere and get a taxi home, and easily spend less than just the ticket to the game. And I will.

Boo sucks to you, Tew.

PS It'll be interesting to see what the Adidas press conference on Thursday releases with regards to the Black Men popping up all over the place.


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