Tuesday, June 28, 2005

IT in Government

Here is a brief round-up of recent, interesting articles that make some interesting points about IT in Goverment, electronic dealings with citizens and others.

  • Norway is opening up - just like all governments should. There is no role for commercial and proprietary data formats being used to store important national information. Note that this doesn't mean open source software has to be used (although that is a good option as I've previously mentioned). I would much prefer to have open data formats than force governments to use open source software.
  • In the UK, firefighters are questioning 31 million pounds expenditure on IT consultants and suggest that the money would be better spend on more resourses - people and toys - to fight fires. Its a fair enough question too - just how many benefits do we actually see from IT? Especially when the overall cost of the UK project is near 1 BILLION pounds, and they only expect to make savings of around 42 million. Hmmm, 42 less 31 leaves not much...

I think I might put up a little list of questions that could be asked of government about IT in the not too distant future...


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