Friday, June 24, 2005

More on Telecom Blackouts...

Now this article is interesting.

It suggests that Telecom is going after the power company that caused one of the two failures to cover their losses. I've yet to find more details on what they are attempting. That seems a bit rich to me for two reasons.

Firstly, how exactly will they determine how much damage the power company caused? Surely the only cost that they could be charged for could be the repair costs. After all, if the rats had not damaged the cable in the Rimutaka's there would have been no major outage, and the only real cost would have been the direct costs associated with repairing the cable - so I don't see how the power company can be blamed for the major loss through their actions, as under most circumstances they would have only caused a relatively minor outage that the system could withstand.

Secondly, I find it ironic that Telecom stridently refuses to pay out for the losses suffered by their clients, whilst they want to recover costs themselves. I say Telecom can take the same bitter pill as the rest of us - its the only way they will make their network more robust, rather than investing just the bare minimum to keep the system going. It will be interesting to see where this one goes.


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