Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Turn up the heat on Transpower

My it's good to see National hooking into the Government on Transpower. Pity ACT hasn't done the same - I'm sure Rodney would be able to get even more media coverage of the Labour Government approved tax evasion. This at a time when individual kiwis and small businesses are suffering under higher taxes.

I am hopeful that Paul Gorman, the investigative reporter for The Press will identify who the loans were made available to. It could be rather embarassing if it turns out that Transpower has helped four Australian banks avoid tax - this at a time when the Government is trying to legislate to stop banks underpaying tax.

Transpower now has two interesting, and potentially damaging, aspects that could cause significant embarrasment to Labour.

  1. Selling SOE Assets - this is a beauty. No more can socialist lefties whinge about National selling state assets. Labour did it last, and it did it to some fairly significant national assets of ours. I'd look to the left keeping a rather low profile on asset sales. It would be nice to see the right making more of this - it would be a nice shake in confidence to Labour.
  2. Tax Deals - Tax is a huge issue right now to the New Zealand public, hence it is the best time to be dragging Transpower (and Airways to a lesser extent) into the public limelight to highlight some of the tax inequities that are occuring between big business, and SOE business, and the rest of the country - all the kiwis and small/medium businesses that have fewer options available in 'minimising' tax.

Crank up the heat please!


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