Sunday, July 10, 2005

It IS a muslim responsibility

This recent post over at Humphrey's got me thinking about terrorism again - who is most able to stop the fundamentalists. Not long after I read about attacks on Mosques in Auckland over the past couple of days in retaliation for the London attacks (which I have not wanted to comment on yet), I had read the following comment: -

"Inside each country [the authorities must] control the communities that might be connected [to terrorism]. A the end of the day, not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims,"

And this would appear to partially explain the retaliatory attacks. The muslim community in New Zealand is to us, the most closely associated community to the cause of the attacks - rightly or wrongly. The attacks on the mosques in Auckland are a clear message to Muslims that whilst we know that the majority of you are not terrorists, we know that most terrorists are muslim fundamentalists, use Islam as a cover, and/or hide in muslim communities.

It is no longer enough for you to express outrage at attacks and carry on as if nothing happened: -

Javed Khan says the New Zealand Islamic community has already condemned the British attacks as despicable.

Well, tough. Condemning attacks is not enough. Muslim communities have to become much more proactive in excluding and shunning these hard-core elements from their religious and geographical communities. Do not let them hide within you. Throw them out and give them no place to hide. Then exposed they will be picked off and disposed of. Actions please, words are no longer enough.

Update - upon rereading this, I thought I would clarify something. I am not saying that revenge against muslims as evidenced in Auckland is appropriate it is not. But it is perhaps symptomatic of a desire to see Muslims do more about their own. Its a bit like Africa really - at some stage, Africa has to stand up and start looking after its own countries, a bit like the current Zimbabwe/Mugabe issue.


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